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Cambridge Aquarium
Open SINCE 2007

Living Aquarium

Fish of The Week [Ends June 4th]
Dry Goods
Nutrafin, Glofish and Fluval Bugbite Pellets 50% off
ALL Betta Tank's 15% off
Aqueon Betta Beads 1̶2̶.9̶9̶  to 9.99ea

Eheim Jager Heaters - 10% off
All Betta's 10% off
While Supplies Last instock only 

Updates And Changes


- Lots of new coral frags are now in stock

- The Online Catalog is Live again and fully up to date 

- New plant order from Sri Lanka has arrived with over 300 plants to pick from

- New Underwater Waterfall Aquarium Being Built in Store 

We are open 

7 Days A Week

Monday - Sunday

From 11 am to 5 pm

Check Out The Link For Special Order Items

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