SINCE 2007

Living Aquarium

We offer a Large Selection of Freshwater  & Saltwater fish and aquatic Plants. 

Below is a link to our indoor gardening and hydroponics website.


7 Days A Week 11am - 5pm 

We are allowing:

- Curbside pick up.

- Front Desk Ordering.

- One Person In To Pick Size Or Color. Mask Is Required.

We are kindly asking people to wait outside wail they are waiting their turn. We are allowing Only 1 Person in at a time.

Thank you for you kind understanding during this hard time. With your help we will all get through this faster and safer.

Opening hours

Everyday 11am to 5pm

PH- 1-519-653-5151

Below is a link to our new Clearance Page.

Please check Regularly as the Inventory will Change Regularly. 

- All Aquarium T5 Light bulbs instock are 50% off

- Salifert Test Kits 50% off

- Mixed Platty Tank reg. $4.99 Sale $2.99

- Buenon Aires Tetra Reg. $4.99 sale $2.99

- Bangaii Cardinal Reg. $65 sale $50

- 5" FoxFace Reg.$250 Sale $190

Offer Expires Nov.6th

weekly Specials

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