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Welcome to Living Aquarium

We opened in 2007 and have grown over the years.

Starting out with about 300 gallon of aquariums, we have grown to about about 1000 gallons of saltwater and  2500 gallon freshwater. Home to 1000's of colorful fish,  plants and Inverts. 

     Whether you are just starting your first aquarium or have been in the hobby for years, we will have everything you are looking for and even more.

Stocking all the major brands.

Aqueon, Fluval, Fluval Sea, Seachem, Red Sea, Omaga One, Hikari Foods,

And many more 


We invite you to visit us...

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All your exotic pet needs in one place:
  • The Largest selection of saltwater and Freshwater fish in the area.

  • Massive Live Plant Selection and Growing Each Day.

  • Tissue Culture Plants Available 

  • Foods and Treats for your Fined Friends.

  • Full aquarium Set Up and Maintaining service available.

  • Dosing Products for a Balanced Environment.

  • Of Course all the Inside Tips and Tricks to Create the Perfect Aquarium.

  • Over 100 Bettas in stock all the time with new arriving very week.

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