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Advitan Amazonas is a natural compound water conditioner. An extract from organic matter such as peat, humus, organic acid. Why use Advitan Amazonas? Humic and fulvic acids are organic acids commonly found in the tributaries in the Amazon rivers in South America. The acidic soft- water environment is home to many species such as Acaras, Arapaima, Oscars, Pacu, Pancake Stingray, Peacock Bass, Piranha, etc. The compounds contain natural trace elements, conducive to these species to thrive in these regions. Advitan Amazonas replicates and accomodates these species for their soft acidic water condition comparably to their dwelling origins.

Some aquarium species include:

• Angelfish / Altum Angelfish

• Apistogramma / Dwarf cichlids

• Corydoras

• Cichlasoma

• Discus

• Otocinclus

• Plecostomus

• Tetras

Amazonas / BlackWater

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