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The Princess Castle Desktop Kit is a fun, bright and great for first time fish keepers. Each kit includes a half gallon clear acrylic vessel, pink castle-shaped top with feeding holes, purple steeples and pink flags. To get your decorating started, gravel and a small plant are included, simply add more decor to customize your perfect princess castle. To make set up even easier, samples of Aqueon Betta Food and Betta Bowl Plus water conditioner that instantly conditions tap water by neutralizing harmful chloramines, ammonia and heavy metals. This small aquarium is ideal for a single betta or small tropical fish.


  • Half gallon, acrylic princess themed desktop kit
  • The pink lid is castle shaped complete with purple steeples and a fish feeding hole
  • It includes decorative gravel, small plant and two flags
  • Betta food and betta bowl plus water samples also included
  • Ideal for a single betta



6.13" x 6.13" x 7"

Betta Princess Castle Aquarium Kit

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