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The Blue Starfish, also known as the Linckia Laevigata, is a stunning and unique addition to any saltwater aquarium. This species is named for its vibrant blue color and its star-shaped body, which is covered in tiny bumps called tubercles.


The Blue Starfish is a peaceful and relatively low-maintenance species that can be kept in a tank with a minimum size of 20 gallons. However, they do need a mature aquarium with stable water conditions and good filtration. They are not aggressive towards other fish, but they may be preyed upon by larger predatory fish, so it is important to choose tank mates carefully.


In terms of diet, the Blue Starfish is primarily a scavenger and will feed on leftover food and detritus in the tank. However, they can also be fed small pieces of shrimp, fish, or clam meat. It is important to avoid overfeeding, as excess food can cause water quality issues.


The water parameters for the Blue Starfish should be maintained as follows:

  • pH: 8.1-8.4
  • Salinity: 1.023-1.025
  • Temperature: 72-78°F


Please note that these are general guidelines, and for more accurate values, we encourage you to contact Living Aquarium by phone or in person. Within store hours, our team of experts are always happy to answer any questions you may have and provide personalized guidance on care.

Blue Starfish

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