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Also known as a cyanoacrylate activator, When applied to adhesive, the accelerator mist spray triggers an immediate reaction, significantly reducing the curing time and resulting in a strong bond within seconds.

  • Instant glue accelerator (activator) used to speed up drying time of glues and come is a mist spray bottle
  • solvent-based product that can be applied before and/or after glue application
  • Commonly paired with high viscosity (thick) instant glues
  • Useful for uneven surfaces, hard to bond materials, or in cold and dry environments
  • Used for woodworking, furniture, MDF, tile, ceramics, models, stone, toys and craft, frames, archery inserts, and more


When it comes to fast and reliable bonds in various applications.

There are situations where you need to expedite the curing process and enhance the adhesive's performance. That's where cyanoacrylate accelerator mist spray comes into play. Low odor, Quick bonding, Crafts and hobbies. It is suitable for bonding materials in arts and crafts projects, DIY repairs, and model building, providing a strong and odorless bond. Instant glue accelerator used to speed up the glue drying time.

CecCorp Accelerator Mist Spray

SKU: 855977000740
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