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What is Advitan Ca-EDTA? Advitan Ca-EDTA is a conditioner for the increase of calcium in fresh aquariums. Why use Advitan Ca-EDTA? Calcium and magnesium form the total hardness. Calcium is an essential macronutrient in aquatic plants. Calcium is responsible for healthy cell development and growth. Calcium is also vital for fish and other aquatic animals for growth. It helps bone, shells, exoskeleton or skeleton structures. Municipal tap water in differing areas contain varying amounts of calcium, and may not be sufficient for aquarium inhabitants. Advitan Ca-EDTA contains chelated calcium providing easy and high assimilation.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency in aquatic plants include:

• stunt or stagnated growth.

• falling leaves

• twisted and/or droopy stems

• discolored or pale new leaves.

• crinkled and/or torn leaves


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