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The Chocolate Chip Starfish, also known as the Horned Starfish or Fromia monilis, is a popular species of starfish that can be found in saltwater aquariums. It is named for its distinctive brown coloration and small white spots, which resemble chocolate chips.


Chocolate Chip Starfish require a well-maintained environment with plenty of live rock and hiding places. They are generally peaceful and can be kept with a variety of other fish and invertebrates, but may prey on small or slow-moving invertebrates like snails or hermit crabs.


In terms of diet, Chocolate Chip Starfish are primarily scavengers and will consume a variety of organic matter in the aquarium, including uneaten food, detritus, and decaying plant matter. They may also feed on small pieces of shrimp or other meaty foods.


Chocolate Chip Starfish have a unique reproductive process in which they release their eggs and sperm into the water column, where fertilization occurs externally. The resulting larvae then settle on the substrate and develop into juvenile starfish.

Chocolate Chip Starfish

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