The Electric Indigo differs from its predecessors by having a three-color scheme instead of two. The black band running down the center of the body is more defined than that of an Indigo, and the bottom portion of the fish is fresh white in color. Its most striking feature is the light blue to turquoise coloration on top. The Electric Indigo exhibits the elegant caudal filament found in its Striped Dottyback lineage.

Like the Indigo Dottyback, the Electric Indigo can readily change its color depending on its mood or comfort level. Once settled in, they are simply stunning. As far as Dottybacks go, the Electric Indigo is rather peaceful.

The ideal setup for the Electric Indigo Dottyback will be an established saltwater aquarium of at least 30 gallons in size aquascaped liberally with generous amounts of live rock. Create ample crevices and caves for the Indigo Dottyback to explore, claim or seek refuge. Similar to other Dottyback species, it is recommended to house the Electric Indigo Dottyback singly unless the aquarium is very large. It is reputed that the mild-mannered Indigo Dottyback poses minimal threat to crustaceans and ornamental shrimp making it an excellent candidate for reef aquariums.

Electric Indigo Dottyback