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It is a specialized adhesive formulation with an extremely low viscosity. Unlike regular cyanoacrylate glue, which has a thicker consistency, the extra thin version flows easily into tight spaces and provides a minimal adhesive layer. This makes it perfect for delicate projects that require precise bonding without excess adhesive residue.

  • Very low-viscosity general purpose instant glue with an anti-clog cap
  • 2-4 second cure time compatible with most substrates
  • Appropriate for fitting smooth surfaces, bonds rubberplasticmetal, and wood
  • Commonly used for household repairs, toys, crafts, taxidermy, stone inlays, pen turning, wood turning finish, musical instrument repairs, and more
  • Durable, blemish resistant, consistent thickness, quick cure, and water and impact resistant

CecCorp Extra Thin Glue

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