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The Gold Tinfoil Barb is a popular and colorful species of freshwater fish that is native to Southeast Asia. These fish are known for their striking appearance, with their bright gold scales and elongated body shape.


Gold Tinfoil Barbs require a larger tank size, ideally at least 75 gallons or more, due to their active nature and potential size. They can grow up to 12 inches in length, making them a great centerpiece fish for larger community aquariums. It is also important to provide plenty of hiding spots and open swimming areas in the aquarium.


These fish are omnivorous and will eat a variety of foods, including flakes, pellets, frozen or live foods, and vegetables. A varied and balanced diet will help to ensure their overall health and vitality.

The Gold Tinfoil Barb is generally peaceful and can coexist with other peaceful fish, such as tetras, cichlids, and other large community fish. However, they may become aggressive towards smaller fish or those with long fins.


Their bright gold coloration and active nature make the Gold Tinfoil Barb a beautiful and lively addition to any community aquarium.


Water Parameters:

  • pH: 6.0-7.5
  • gH: 6-12
  • kH: 4-8
  • TDS: 150-300 ppm
  • Temperature: 75-82°F


Please note that these are general guidelines, and for more accurate values, we encourage you to contact Living Aquarium by phone or in person. Within store hours, our team of experts is always happy to answer any questions you may have and provide personalized guidance on care.

Golden Tinfoil Barb

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