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The Golden Vampire Pleco (L-172) is a stunning freshwater fish that can add a touch of brilliance to any aquarium. These plecos are popular among aquarists due to their unique and striking appearance.


These plecos grow up to 5-6 inches in length and require a minimum tank size of 50 gallons to thrive. They are generally peaceful, but may show aggression towards other plecos and territorial during breeding season.


Golden Vampire Plecos are moderately challenging to care for and require good filtration, regular water changes, and a varied diet consisting of high-quality pellets, algae wafers, and vegetables.

One of the most remarkable features of the Golden Vampire Pleco is its stunning golden coloration, which contrasts with its black stripes and spots. Additionally, these plecos are nocturnal, so they are most active during the night.


Water Parameters:

  • pH: 6.0-7.5
  • Temperature: 75-82°F
  • Hardness: 2-15 dGH
  • Alkalinity: 2-10 dKH


Please note that these are general guidelines, and for more accurate values, we encourage you to contact Living Aquarium by phone or in person. Within store hours, our team of experts are always happy to answer any questions you may have and provide personalized guidance on care.

Golden Vampire Pleco (L172)

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