Why use Advitan kH Booster? Carbonate hardness is one of the important factors for stabilising aquarium parameter. For example: Low kH values causes unstable water condition, such as pH value. Livestock in aquariums water without carbonate hardness is dangerous. This is due to the lack of acid binding capacity. Without carbonate hardness, waste and excrements from fish and other livestock in the water will cause pH value to drop causing drastically . Certain species, such as Tanganyikan cichlids, marine fishes_invertebrates, including aquatic plants, etc., require higher kH values to thrive. Chelated potassium contained in Advitan kH Booster is an essential mineral, for all aquarium inhabitants. However, excessively high potassium concentrations of potassium values in aquarium water can endanger sensitive species such as shrimps. Compared to calcium, potassium is commonly lacking in municipal tap water, and none from reverse osmosis water. It is one of macroelements which is absorbed quickly and effectively by plants in fresh water.

KH Booster

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