These smart air pumps from Marina replace their previous Elite range. These newer models have an improved sound reduction, and higher performance output, so whether you are upgrading an old model or simply looking for a new air pump, this new range from Marina is perfect.

An air pump is essential if you want to add a flow of bubbles into your aquarium. Bubbles can help to increase the oxygen around the tank, which avoids any stagnant areas. A stream of bubbles looks great too, and adds interest. A pump is also needed to power any air operated ornaments, and if you are using a protein skimmer.

Each pump runs at a very low volume, thanks to the soundproofing cover and soft rubber feet that reduce vibration.

Each unit has a long-lasting diaphragm too so you can rely on a strong, durable performance. The larger air pump has double outlets, whereas the smaller units have a single outlet.



Elite model reference New Marina model Reference code Wattage Output Aquarium capacity Guarantee
Elite 799 Marina 50 11110 50W 50lph 60l 2 years
Elite 800 Marina 75 11112 75W 60lph 100l 2 years
Elite 801 Marina 100 11114 100W 85lph 150l 2 years
Elite 802 Marina 200 11116 200W 2 X 110lph 225l 2 years
N/A Marina 300 11118 300W N/A 265l 2 years

Marina Air Pumps