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What is Advitan Mg-EDTA? Advitan Mg-EDTA is a conditioner for the increase of magnesium in freshwater aquariums. Advitan Mg-EDTA contains chelated magnesium providing easy and high assimilation. Why use Advitan Mg-EDTA? Like potassium, magnesium is one of the important macroelements essential for healthy and strong aquatic plant growth. Magnesium, just like iron is responisble for the formation of chlorophyll. Minute magnesium quantity is necessary for fish and other aquatic animals for supporting muscle and nerve function and energy production Generally, municipal tap water do not contain sufficient magnesium and/or potassium to meet the demand for proper plant growth.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency in aquatic plants include:

• yellowish leaves (Chlorosis) between the veins.

• in-curve leaves

• droopy leaves edges


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