In planted aquariums without fish or with few fish, apply “Macro Lush 2” atregularintervals. Apply while the aquariumlights are switched off. Containsmacro_micro nutrients and trace elements. Formulated with nitrate and phosphate to provide the utmost health and vitality. A 120-ml/4.06-oz. bottle of “Macro Lush 2” issufficientfor 1817 liters or 480 gallons of a densely planted aquarium. 5-ml of “Macro Lush 2” for 10-gallon water provides a chelated iron value of 0.16 ~0.17mg/l “Macro Lush 2” can be used in conjunction with “Micro Lush 1” in aquariums populated withmoderate fish density. Dose separately. Do not overdose.


It is beneficial to monitor the iron level frequently. Values between 0.1 and 0.2mg/l is normally adequate for good plant growth. Initial value of up to 0.5mg/l can be useful forintensive planted aquarium. A reliable iron test kit, able to detect chelated iron is essential. Symptoms of deficiencies: Iron: Yellowish leaves between the veins. Ideal values: 0.1 - 0.2 mg/l Magnesium: Yellowish leaves between the veins (old and young leaves). In-curved leaves.Idea values: 5 - 15 mg/l Calcium: stunted growth, curly and falling leaves, discoloration in new leaves. Idea values: 10 - 15 mg/l Potassium: Stagnant plant growth, limpy foliage. Ideal values: 5 - 9 mg/l

Micro Lush2