The Phantom Pro 315W Ceramic Metal Halide DE lamp delivers optimized full spectrum plant biologically active radiation. This premium double-ended lamp outputs 580 μmol/s of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF 400-700nm) for superior performance in indoor grows and greenhouse environments. UV and far-red light stimulate desirable photomorphogenic traits, allowing your crop to reach its full genetic potential. The Phantom Pro 315W Ceramic Metal Halide DE lamp can be operated safely without a lens thanks to its integrated double-jacketed design, and its 8,000-hour service lifetime means less frequent lamp replacements - reducing labor and operational expense. Designed for ideal performance with Phantom DE systems, Phantom Pro lamps can also directly replace lower output lamps in any low-frequency DE system. To maintain warranty, lamp must be operated on low-frequency square wave ballast.

Phantom CMH DE 315watt Lamp

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