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It is a specialized adhesive formulation that offers the same strong bonding power.

As traditional cyanoacrylate glues but with a reduced odor.

Designed to provide excellent bonding performance without the unpleasant smell that can often accompany other adhesives.

  • High viscosity, odour-free, low white mist instant glue that bonds many materials
  • Recommended for bonding foammetalwoodrubberplasticsceramic, and most rigid material
  • High-viscosity (thickness) of this glue allows it to fill large gaps of up to 0.02"
  • Commonly used for foam bonding, household repairs, toys, crafts, taxidermy, stone inlays, treating cracked stone, instrument repair, granite and quartz repair, model building, and much more
  • no odour, non-whitening, non-irritant, durable, blemish resistant, water and impact resistant, with anti-clog cap

CecCorp Platinum Grade Thick Glue

SKU: 855977000751
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