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The Pygmy Cory, scientifically known as Corydoras pygmaeus, is a delightful and small freshwater catfish that brings charm and activity to aquariums. Recognized for its tiny size, peaceful demeanor, and social behavior, the Pygmy Cory is a popular choice among aquarists.



  • Average Size: 1 inch
  • Max Size: Up to 1 inch
  • Tank Size Required: 10 gallons or larger


Temperament: The Pygmy Cory is peaceful and sociable, making it an excellent choice for community aquariums. It is best kept in groups of at least six individuals to ensure a comfortable social environment.


Unique Traits: Distinguished by its small size and a distinct horizontal stripe running along its body, the Pygmy Cory is known for its playful and active nature. It has a streamlined body, a pair of barbels around its mouth, and a forked caudal fin.


Origin: Native to South America, the Pygmy Cory is found in the Rio Madeira basin in Brazil.


Other Names:

  • Pygmy Catfish
  • Dwarf Cory


Care Level: Easy


Diet: The Pygmy Cory is omnivorous and accepts a variety of foods. Provide a well-balanced diet that includes high-quality sinking pellets, flakes, and occasional live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp and bloodworms. They are bottom-feeders, and a substrate with fine sand or rounded gravel is preferable.


Characteristics and Looks: The Pygmy Cory has a slender and miniature appearance, making it one of the smallest catfish in the hobby. It features a horizontal stripe along its body, contributing to its charm. The playful and social behavior of the Pygmy Cory adds liveliness to the aquarium.


Water Parameters:

  • pH: 6.0-7.5
  • gH (General Hardness): 2-15 dGH
  • kH (Carbonate Hardness): 3-10 dKH
  • Temperature: 72-78°F


Disclaimer: "Please note that these are general guidelines, and for more accurate values, we encourage you to contact Living Aquarium by phone or in person. Within store hours, our team of experts is always happy to answer any questions you may have and provide personalized guidance on care."

Pygmy Cory

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