Red Comet Swordtails make a great addition to your freshwater aquarium. They are an active fish that will add immediate visual interest to your water environment with their showy red bodies (that may also include splashes of black) and the distinguishing large swordtail feature in males. In their natural environment, they make their homes in rapidly flowing streams and rivers, and because of this active nature, we recommend a tank size of twenty gallons or more with a secured cover.

This stock is an easy choice for those who want to build an interesting environment quickly. With a peaceful temperament, Red Comet Swordtails grow to four inches and are easy to keep, but males can get territorial and exhibit some aggression toward one another, so care should be taken to monitor or separate them.

Red Comet Swordtails are omnivores who like vegetated environments and are at home in freshwater environments. They feed on commercially prepared flaked foods and algae as well as freeze dried bloodworms, tubifex, and brine shrimp.

Red Comet Swordtails