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The Rusty Angelfish is a beautiful and peaceful saltwater fish that can make a great addition to any aquarium. It is typically found in the tropical waters of the Western Pacific and is best suited for a reef aquarium with plenty of hiding places and live rock. The Rusty Angelfish can reach a size of up to 8 inches and requires a tank of at least 70 gallons.


In terms of appearance, the Rusty Angelfish has a rusty-orange body with dark blue stripes on the face and body, and a bright blue ring around the eyes. They are known for their striking beauty and make a great centerpiece fish in any aquarium.


Care for the Rusty Angelfish involves maintaining good water quality, providing a varied diet of high-quality foods, and ensuring adequate hiding places and space for swimming. While they are generally peaceful, they may become territorial and aggressive towards other angelfish or similarly shaped fish. Therefore, it is best to keep them with non-aggressive tank mates and introduce them to the tank last.

Rusty Angel

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