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The Strawberry Conch, scientifically known as Strombus luhuanus, is a captivating and eye-catching marine snail species that adds both beauty and functionality to saltwater aquariums. With its striking red and white coloration and its beneficial scavenging behavior, the Strawberry Conch is a delightful addition that enhances the visual appeal of your reef tank.


The Strawberry Conch features a vibrant red or pinkish body with distinct white spots, resembling the appearance of strawberries. Its elongated spiral-shaped shell adds to its unique beauty. They typically grow to a size of around 2 to 3 inches, making them suitable for small to medium-sized reef setups.


Known for their peaceful and beneficial nature, Strawberry Conches are excellent scavengers and detritivores. They actively forage for leftover food, decaying matter, and algae in the aquarium, contributing to the overall cleanliness of the tank. They are generally compatible with most reef-safe fish and invertebrates, making them a valuable addition to the ecosystem.


Feeding the Strawberry Conch is relatively easy, as they are primarily herbivorous and detritivorous. They will consume algae and small particles in the substrate and crevices of the aquarium, but it is essential to supplement their diet with sinking marine pellets or specialized snail food to ensure they receive proper nutrition.


Water Parameters:

  • Temperature: 72-78°F
  • pH: 8.1-8.4
  • Salinity: 1.023-1.025
  • Ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels should be closely monitored and kept at low levels.


Please note that these are general guidelines, and for more accurate values, we encourage you to contact Living Aquarium by phone or in person. Within store hours, our team of experts are always happy to answer any questions you may have and provide personalized guidance on care.

Strawberry Conch

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