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SunBlaster LED-III Strip Lights have been redisned to increase overalll performance, economy, and useable life, while providing an excellent lighting solution for all indoor growing application.


Most LED growlights have an effective light output angle of 120 degrees. Our new prismatic lens refracts and reflects the light into a 90-degree output angle. This ensure more light energy reaches the plant canopy.


Sunblaster LED-III Strip Lights are 100% mercury free and use an extruded aluminum body that silently conducts heat away from the LEDs and electronic circuits. An increased LED count also allows them to run more efficiently.


These LED Strip Lights are Full Spectrum with a 6400k color tempature for general hobby growing, propogation, and leafy green herb and microgreens production.



1xLED Strip Light

1x 6"power cord with on/off switch

1x14" link cord to connect multiple in series

2x hanging clips

2x flat surface mounting clips

Sunblaster Prismatic LED Lights

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