The electronic SE ballast is the cornerstone of grow lighting separate systems (hood/ballast/bulb), giving you the flexibility to select the hood & bulb type that best suits your gardens needs.

The vast majority of indoor crops are grown under single-ended 1000W High-Pressure Sodium and/or Metal Halide lamps and this has been the case for decades. There’s a good reason for this – HPS has been around since the early 1960’s and is VERY well understood, MH is similarly well known. Both lamp types are very well known to indoor gardening and their predictability and low cost to purchase (versus DE or other HID technologies) mean for commercial gardeners it’s still the basic lighting technology of choice around the world and will be for another decade or more. Remote ballasts offer the advantage of removing the heat generated by the ballast and locating it outside the grow room simplifying atmospheric issues and creating more flexibility in garden layout.

Tonka 1000Watt Ballast