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Trochus snails, also known as Turbo snails, are a popular species of marine snail that are often kept in saltwater aquariums. They are known for their unique, cone-shaped shells, which are often brightly colored and patterned.


Trochus snails are very effective at consuming algae, and are particularly useful for controlling hair algae and other types of nuisance algae. They are also known to consume detritus and other organic matter, helping to keep the aquarium clean and healthy.


In terms of care, Trochus snails are relatively hardy and easy to maintain. They require a substrate of sand or fine gravel, and moderate water flow is recommended. They are active during the day and will often climb up the walls of the aquarium or other surfaces in search of food.


Trochus snails are peaceful and can be kept with a variety of other fish and invertebrates. They are not typically aggressive towards other snail species, but may compete for food with other grazers in the aquarium.

Black Foot Trochus Snail

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