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Betta-Bow Front Double Tank Kit is the perfect starter kit for owners of a pair of Betta fish. Double Tank Kit includes an acrylic tank made for picture perfect viewing, a divider, two plants and 4oz of gravel. The double divider system has a blue tank divider shield which visually separates the two fish when the blue divider is removed; the clear divider promotes the natural flaring of the Betta’s gills and fins. The EZ-Clean system in the tank includes an EZ-lift lid, a unique filter-grid system, and a water release cap allowing for easier water changes.


-Crystal clear acrylic tanks provide picture-perfect viewing of your fish
-Comes with Pro-V crystals to help absorb waste
-Unique Filter-Grid makes maintenance quick and easy
-Plant Pins solve the problem of floating plants in your new aquarium

Twin Beta Bow-Front Kit for Aquarium

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